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Product features:

The Chameleon eyeshadow appears to change to 2-3 colors when viewed from different angles depending on the lighting.

  1. It moisturizes your skin so it feels soft to the touch when applying makeup.
  2. Multichrome Finish: The unique formula is more lightweight and comfortable than traditional glitter gel. Large glitter particles give a vibrant finish, while the fine glitter particles give a shiny satin finish. Rubbing with your fingertips, you will make the color more subtle. Therefore, different makeup applying techniques will create different magical effects.
  3. Layering: The use of a single color creates a translucent look. You are able to layer the colors to achieve a more intense color. The swatch pictures show you the makeup finish of 3-4 layers of colors.
  4. Long-lasting finish: The color of the chameleon eyeshadow won’t crease, fade after it dries down to a powder finish. Super long-wearing with zero fall out.

 How to use:

  1. Use a brush to apply a small amount to create a precise look.
  2. Coating your finger in pigment, dabbing it where you want the color on your lid to be the most prominent.
  3. To properly store, please always remember to keep the screw cap on after using.

Color description:

 Color description:

01 -The color can change from red to green golden.

02 -The color can change from dark purple to purple-red.

04-The color can change from light purple to golden.

05-The color can change from golden to green.

07-The color can change from pink-purple to golden green.

09-The color can change from light pink-purple to green.