Imakeupnow - 3D Makeup Model Kit

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#1 Pale 2 - Brown Eyes【Hot】🔥
#2 Light Pale 6 - Blue Eyes
#21 Light Pale 4 - Brown Eyes
#4 Tanned 5 - Brown Eyes
#4-1 Tanned 5 - Green Eyes
#4-2 Tanned 5 - Hazel Green Eyes
#11 Pale 5 - Brown Eyes
#11-1 Pale 5 - Blue Eyes
#5 Brown 6 - Brown Eyes
#6 Dark Brown 3 - Brown Eyes
#31 Black 4 - Brown Eyes

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Finish type: Opaque

Item form: Solid

Size: 7.8 x 4.09 x 1.65 inches


    • 【IMAKEUPNOW Official Makeup Practice Face Board with Bag + Cleaning Brush】- Come with a bag carrying it everywhere easily on the go day. Also comes with a soft cleaning brush for easily removing residual makeup and protecting the board. A great gift for your daughter, cosmetology students, and woman to practice making up or facial massage.
    • 【Sustainable & Reusable Makeup Tool】- Made of stainless, odorless, yellow-free soft PTE, the makeup practice board model can be reused more than 5000 times. Convenient to practice makeup on board instead of your face, and see immediate effects without damaging your skin.
    • 【All Face Makeup Practice Purpose for Makeup Artist & Starker】- It allows makeup artists to easily bring the makeup ideas from their minds to reality, and also helps makeup novices or trainees from makeup school to improve their makeup skills.
    • 【3D Realistic Face Makeup Practice Pad Model】- Made of a textured bionic silicone-feel PTE, the 3D Realistic skin texture, make you get the final look closer to actual human skin. Any makeup finish on it is real as on your own face. Stop practicing on your face, use it instead!
    • 【One-hand-holdable Size! Practice Anywhere!】- Portable size, take it out anytime, anywhere. Shipping friendly, carry-on luggage approved. you can practice anywhere even on the airplane if you want.

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